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for Missouri Newspapers In Education

"Now I Get It" Teacher Guide

This teacher guide from the Newspaper Association of America Foundation and Abitibi Consolidated, was created for NIE Week 2007 and focuses on reading comprehension using the newspaper.  Five quarter-page in-paper features provide activities parents can do at home with their children.

You can download a 07 NIE Week Teachers Guide  and Color or black and white newspaper features.

By the Numbers: Mathematical Connections in Newspapers for Middle-Grade Students

This teacher guide from the NAA Foundation is now available from Missouri Press with correlations to Missouri's learning standards. The newspaper plays a vital role in the guide, which features lesson plans, activities and handouts for middle-school teachers and their students. Click HERE to download the teacher guide, then click HERE to download the activity ads.

Keep it Real

It is not too late to commemorate the value of the newspaper in reaching young readers with several resources originally produced as part of the 2005 NIE Week package.

The Newspapers Association of America Foundation has created in-house ads and a free teacher guide, "Keep It Real - Newspapers, the Ultimate Informational Text," with funding from Abitibi Consolidated Inc. MPF has modified the guide to include correlations to the Missouri Show-Me Standards and Grade Level Expectations.

Missouri Press Foundation has worked with the Columbia Daily Tribune's John Darkow to create a political cartoon relating to NAA's Informational Text theme. We also have guest editorials to help you promote NIE on your editorial pages.

Click HERE to download the NIE week political cartoon. Click HERE to download the editorials. Click HERE to download the "Keep It Real" teacher guide. Click HERE to download the five in-house ads.


Living and Learning in a Multicultural Society

As part of its NIE Week 2005 package, the Newspaper Association of America Foundation created a Teacher's Guide looking at the role the newspaper can play in developing children's literacy skills in a multicultural society. The activities are based on accepted education theories about the way children learn and the resources children bring to the learning setting. Click here to download the All Together Now Teaching Guide )

Ideas! Ideas! Newspaper In Education Activity Guide

Written by Joy Lindner, retired Oregon Teacher of the Year As a gift to students, teachers and newspapers, Joy donated the copyright of this book to the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Association. Pages may be reproduced for use by students, teachers and NIE departments. Permission to post this guide on the Missouri Press Web site for use by Missouri newspapers was given by PNNA.
Ideas! Ideas! - Teacher Guide

Just Think!

Higher-level Thinking Skills and the Newspaper is a 34-page teacher guide featuring activities that focus on helping students develop higher-level thinking skills using the newspaper. This guide was created by the Newspaper Association of America for NIE Week 2004.
Just Think - Teacher Workbook

From Writers to Readers

A Writer's Workshop Using the Newspaper is a 37-page teacher guide featuring activities for upper elementary through secondary classrooms. The Writer's Workshop model is based on student self-selection of topics. The teacher selects the newspaper item for the Mini Lesson that is appropriate for his/her students. The students collect newspaper items for their own notebooks. Elementary students may collect stories of local interest, schools, animals, etc. Older students may collect stories related to national and international news, business, sports, etc. The teachers and students control the content of the lessons. This guide was created by the Newspaper Association of America for NIE Week 2003.
Writer's Workshop - Teacher Guide

First Things First: A Teacher's Guide for Using the Newspaper to Teach the Five Freedoms of the First Amendment

America was built on basic values. These values are captured for our nation in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Studies have shown that Americans lack knowledge of the rights guaranteed them by the First Amendment. This comprehensive teacher guide introduces students to the First Amendment using the newspaper to teach the five basic freedoms. The guide contains elementary, middle and high school activities, all correlated to Missouri's Show Me Standards.
First Things First - Teacher's Guide

Free Press In Education: A Teacher's Guide to Using the Free Press in the Classroom

This Newspaper In Education teacher guide is provided courtesy of The Cuba Free Press.
Teacher Guide from the Cuba Free Press

Shared Activities
Touring the Newspaper with Classroom Activities (Word Doc)

Online Store Feature

2016 MPA BOUND Newspaper Directory

An alphabetical resource guide to all of the newspapers in the state of Missouri. $45.00



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