Enjoy the growing number of podcasts made available to Missouri Press members through the Foundation. All MPF podcasts are also available through Itunes.

Political Advertising (Program 1) - October 2010

Political Advertising (Program 2) - October 2010
-Jean talks with Julie Allen of the Missouri Ethics Commission regarding political advertising. This two-program series discusses the definition of committees, attribution and includes a walk through the MEC website, so be sure and link to the site below when you tune in to Program 1.

Missouri Ethics Commission

Newspaper Web sites - Ocotober 2010
-Dawn speaks with Gary Sosniecki of Town News during the 2010 MPA Convention and Trade Show regarding the importance of your newspapers web site.

View Gary’s webinar, “Web Solutions for Community Newspapers,” HERE.


 Legal Podcast - April 2010
-Jean discusses the importance of understanding The Fair Housing Act and its rules preventing discrimination. Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity John Trasvina and Jean will discuss the obligation of newspaper companies, the impact of non-compliance and exceptions to the law. The Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) administers and enforces federal laws and establishes policies that make sure all Americans have equal access to the housing of their choice. 

Here are more links for more information:

Legal Podcast - February 2010
-Jean discusses the right of privacy for public officials with Columbia Daily Tribune Managing Editor Jim Robertson and Neighbor Newspapers Publisher Dave Berry.

Legal Podcast - December 2009
-Jean visits with MPA lobbyist Harry Gallagher about the legislative session and the process a bill goes through once it is put before the Missouri House, or Senate. A great primer for everyone on the legislative process.

Legal Podcast - November 2009
-Jean visits with Ted Bruce, an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Missouri, concerning how reporters and newspapers in general should handle juvenile cases such as the one ongoing near Jefferson City.
April 2005 - Maneke Law Column

Legal Podcast - October 2009
- Jean visits with Tonda Rush, public policy consultant for the National Newspaper Association, about the role of public notices in newspapers.
All legal notices published in Missouri newspapers:
Guide to public notices required by Missouri statutes:



Comments from Gov. Jay Nixon's speech at the 2009 MPA Convention are available for the use of MISSOURI newspapers. Entities other than Missouri newspapers are not allowed to use the following clips WITHOUT the expressed permission of the MISSOURI PRESS ASSOCIATION.

Doug Crews with PETER WAGNER
A great conversation between Peter Wagner, publisher of the N’West Iowa Review, and Doug Crews, Executive Director of the Missouri Press Association, about the future of community newspapers. Peter enthusiastically maintains that even today, community journalism is still about delivery.
LINKS:  Learn more about Peter Wagner’s work at
Doug Crews with TONDA RUSH
Tonda Rush, public policy consultant for the National Newspaper Association, shares information with MPA’s Doug Crews, on issues she’s following in Washington, D.C. -- everything from health care to postal issues to public notices and how this legislation could impact community newspapers.
LINKS: Learn more about HR2727 at

Michael Daugherty with GREG BAKER
Greg Baker discusses ALL of the ways to make money through MPA's ad networks. From the 2x2 (display) network, to the Classified Ad Network, Mighty Mo and Online Ad Network, Missouri Press Service can help your newspaper, and your salespeople, make more money.

Legal Podcast - September 2009

- Join Jean as she discusses libel with Washington Missourian Publishing publisher Bill Miller, Jr. and Three Rivers Publishing publisher Rob Viehman.

Legal Podcast -- August 2009
-Jean talking with Columbia Tribune Associate Editor Andy Waters about the do's and don'ts of hosting open forums. They also discuss the posting of copyrighted material.
--Jean Maneke's Open Forums guidelines

Legal Podcast --July 2009
- Jean talking with Dawn Kitchell about photographs and advertising. She also discusses copyrighted and trademarked material and how to handle them when it comes to advertising.

Legal Podcast --June 2009

Missouri Sunshine Law - Jean talks with Ron Holliger, general counsel for the Missouri Attorney General’s office, on the Missouri Sunshine Law.
A copy of the Sunshine Law book with quizzes and other helpful information can be found at

Legal Podcast --May 2009

- Jean talking with Pat Groshong, an attorney in the claims department at Media/Professional Insurance.  Groshong speaks about a newspaper's libel insurance policy does for the newspaper, and about trends in media litigation across the country.
Media Professional Insurance:

Legal Podcast --April 2009 (A)
- Jean talking with Beth Riggert, Communications Counsel for the Missouri Supreme Court on topics dealing with the courts. Due to the length of this show, it is divided into two programs.

Legal Podcast  --April 2009 (B)
- Jean talking with Beth Riggert, Communications Counsel for the Missouri Supreme Court on topics such as how the economic downturn might affect the court system, reporter pooling, camera's, voice recorders and laptops in the courtroom.

Legal Podcast  --March 2009

- Jean discussing how newspapers can deal with advertising issues: political, housing, employment, adoption, class action lawsuits and work at home scams.  (MARCH, 2009)



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Thursday December 18th


Thursday December 18th

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our office in Columbia! The tree is up and the snow is coming down! Stay warm today, folks! Link

Wednesday December 17th

Missouri Press Association wishes Connie Whitney, Advertising Placement Director, the best of luck in the future! Today marks Connie's last day with MPA after 45 years of dedication. She will be greatly missed! Thank you for all of your hard work. Link



"The sole aim of journalism should be service."- Mahatma Gandhi #journalismquotes #journalisminspiration
Thursday December 18th


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The tree is up and the snow is coming down! Stay warm today, folks!
Thursday December 18th


Our Bulletin is out! It includes keys to fact-checking a sensitive story, reader engagement tips and much more!
Wednesday December 17th


MPA wishes Connie Whitney, Ad Placement Director, the best of luck! Today marks Connie's last day after 45 years.
Wednesday December 17th