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Newspaper Test Scores
“Using the Newspaper to Improve Test Scores.” This guide is a compilation of our popular GLE and Map Moments series and can be accessed with the download code: mapguide.

Target Date Scavenger Hunts
Target date has long been a popular activity in Newspaper In Education classrooms. This resource was compiled by a group of Newspaper In Educational professional to give teachers a scavenger hunt for each state that can be used during a Target Date project. Click HERE to download using code: target

Keep It Real
Informational text and nonfiction are enjoying renewed interest and attention from the world of education. National and state standards place a high priority on students being able to read, write and think about informational materials and many state assessments include high percentages of informational text.
The newspaper is the ultimate informational text. This teacher’s guide provides educators with specific activities to help students develop and extend their ability to comprehend informational text structures and organization. Click HERE to access the guide using download code: niewk06

By the Numbers: Mathematical Connections in Newspapers for Middle-Grade Students

This guide features lesson plans, activities and handouts for middle-school teachers and their students. Created by the Newspaper Association of America Foundation, the guide has been modified to correlate to Missouri’s educational standards. Click HERE to access the guide using download code: math07
Connect to the World With Newspapers
Activities in this teacher's guide are designed to help middle-school and high-school students improve their reading comprehension by making connections to self, to the world and to text through newspaper activities. The 62-page guide features 14 lesson plans, each with a student activity sheet. Also included in the guide are 14 elementary-level pages for younger students. They parallel the lesson plans and activities in the guide and focus on local and community news. All activities are correlated to Missouri’s educational learning standards. Click HERE to download the guide using download code: niewk08

Online Store Feature

2015 MPA BOUND Newspaper Directory

An alphabetical resource guide to all of the newspapers in the state of Missouri. $45.00



Thursday April 30th

#tbt to our 2013 MPA Past Presidents and Spouses Dinner! Tonight is our annual dinner at the Columbia Country Club. We can't wait to see everyone there! Link

Thursday April 30th

"Still, the paper’s website — the Houston Herald’s motto is 'All the News, all the time' — features display ads users can click to go to websites for churches, a stockbroker, a Realtor, a college, a car dealer, a pharmacy and other businesses." — via Reynolds Journalism Institute Link

Thursday April 30th

Today is the last day to submit nominations for the MPA Newspaper Hall of Fame (http://bit.ly/1GfTIyf), Missouri Photojournalism Hall of Fame (http://bit. Link



#tbt to our 2013 MPA Past Presidents and Spouses Dinner! Tonight is our annual dinner at @TheCoMoClub http://t.co/FKvcZStghB
Thursday April 30th


"How to make money on digital: The answer is still elusive" — via @RJI and @potterconf http://t.co/YlNITw6n8g #potterlisten
Thursday April 30th


Deadline today: nominations for Newspaper Hall of Fame (http://t.co/r2TRVr6s2c) or Photojournalism Hall of Fame (http://t.co/lYLhOPpWVL)
Thursday April 30th


Show-Me Press Association will meet June 12 at Old Kinderhook in Camdenton. Take a look at the agenda for details! http://t.co/M11yhaUnum
Wednesday April 29th