New Advertising Certification / Training Programs with Local Media Association

Staff August 10, 2012

Missouri Press now offers its member newspapers a continuing education program to help their sales staffs improve and reinforce their print and online sales skills. This new web-based media sales certification program is provided through MPA’s partnership with the Local Media Association (LMA). Current courses include Basic Online, Basic Print and Basic Print and Online with new courses being added in the next several months.


The sales training courses consist of nine video webinars on topics including needs analysis, product knowledge, terminology, territory management, basic marketing, competitive media, presentation skills, answering objections and closing skills. Upon completion of the nine modules, participants take a 50-question test that requires a 90% grade or higher to earn certification.


Some newspapers have used the certification program to introduce new salespeople to the basic skill sets they need to be successful. Others have used it as a refresher for experienced salespeople, with many companies requiring their entire sales team to participate and pass the test.


LMA also offers regular webinars on various aspects of sales, management, marketing and more. The graphic shows the current webinar schedule and pricing. It includes coming workshops LMA will hold in Atlanta and Chicago.


For more information, visit or email Jon Rust, co-president of Rust Communications and a member of the MPA board of directors, is the chairman of the LMA board of directors.


LMA formerly was known as Suburban Newspapers of America.


Coming Training Opportunities



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